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pokemon-go-hackThe rise of Pokemon has created quite a stir in the media—with thousands of young people joining the game on teams and by themselves to “catch them all.” If you are one of these people it might be useful to know of a few hacks to give yourself better chances to actually catch them all! To gain some experience points that you might be lacking, draw a clear circle around your Pokeball. This will add some spin to your throw. You will find that this will curve your throw which can give you more XPs.


Eeve Pokemon Go Hack
To evolve and Eeve into whatever you want its as simple as naming it the right thing. For example, if you you name an Eeve “Pyro” before you evolve it, the Eeve will turn into a fire-type. This hack will help you catch even more rare types of Pokemon.

You can evolve an Eeve into three different type of Pokemon. Name your Eeve the following and you will find that you have caught some of the rarest Pokemon:
“Rainer” :You will have the rarest, a water-type Vaporeon
“Sparky”: This will transform your Eeve into an electric-type Jolteon
“Pyro” :  Flareon is also possible which makes your Eeeve evolve into a fire-type.

To attract more Pokemon to your area use some incense. This will increase the appearance of Pokemon that are around within 30 minutes, guaranteed. Check your bag, because you start out with two, so don’t forget to throw those out.

Find more Pokemon in their “Natural Habitat”
You want to find more water-type Pokemon? Go to the water! Check out any natural water—lakes, rivers, streams, etc. You will be sure to find more water-type Pokemon there! While you can still find all different types of Pokemon anywhere you go, you are just more likely to find them in the places that would be natural for the Pokemon.

Check Out Businesses In Your Area
If you go to popular businesses in your area you might find that the business owner has set up lures in that area to attract you (the human) to their business. This will be a good opportunity to get rare Pokemon that would not come out unless there was a sophisticated lure.


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