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fifa-17-hackEA officially announced that the new FIFA is coming to mobile devices that are under the control of Android and iOS. There is no information about whether the game will appear on Windows Mobile, but it is very unlikely – EA is another developer who stops applying and developing their applications for the Microsoft OS. The company of Canada this time informed that players are waiting for a completely new experience. What is underneath?

FIFA 17 is expected to debut with new social features and an updated ranking and leagues, where players will find more than 650 different teams. The game is designed specifically for mobile devices and is not a port or a cut-off version of the known PCs and consoles. In the game you will also find the opportunity to play a game with friends on the two devices, and updates and saves the forms in real-time as soon as the team will play the game on a real playing field. In addition, FIFA 17 has several mini-games that allow to get points that can be exchanged for athletes or other extras in the game.

Social functions that allow players to interact with others, regardless of where they are. EA FIFA 17 has 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17,000 players to offer. According to the manufacturer, the realistic football simulation will ever be developed for mobile devices.

Unfortunately, we have not reached the official release date at this moment: this should, however, zbiegnąć the release of the game on PCs and consoles.

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